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Website development

Creation of sites starts with a definition of the concept. Decide to start and answer the following questions:
  • Why create a website?
  • Who is the consumer of your content (site content)?
  • The system of monetization (earning) for Your website? If the site is intended for sale promotion of some services, it is not about earnings on the site, and to help the site to promote some of your products/services.

Website development

Answering the question why you create a website, start with a simple, paraphrased question: do you need it? After all, today on the Internet a huge amount of useless or repeatedly copied content. You want to make a clone of an existing project and then try to understand why there are no visitors!?

For a successful site, you must carefully choose a domain name and register it.

Next, determine the site management system or as it is called the site engine or CMS. The choice of the engine must be approached very seriously. If it is not supported by a popular engine, then you risk often fight viruses and Trojans that are constantly being developed for implementation in popular engines. If you have a specialized project, you may need to develop a site engine completely "from scratch". In this case, you need to contact qualified website developers or recruit a team of programmers.

There is a third, difficult way - to write a website yourself.

If you are developing a simple business card website, you can use free online website development services. For example,

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