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How to choose the right name for your website?

In this note, we will identify a few things that you need to pay attention to when choosing a domain. Sometimes when choosing a domain, we make implicit errors, which are then long and difficult to fix. And it would be better not to do them at the very start of your project :-)

In what domain zone is better to register a domain?

How to choose the right name for your website?

The question of which domain zone is better to choose, constantly found on the forums optimizers.

If your site is focused only on one country, it is better to choose a domain in the national domain zone (national top-level domain). For example, for us (and com, and net), for UK, de for Germany, etc.

It should be borne in mind that in most cases, the domain in the national domain zone will not be able to effectively promote the entire English-language Internet, as for search engines will be obvious its geographical reference to a particular country and language.

If your site is focused on the entire English-speaking Internet, it is best suited domain zone com or net.I am not a supporter of using domains in other zones.

Recently, there are many new domain zones, for example, club, io, photography, guru, technology, email, today, company, menu, estate, land, bike, academy, graphics, tips, luxury. They can be used if they fit the theme of the site.

I advise you to avoid domain zones where they sell cheap domains. Also, you should not use domain zones, where domains are distributed free of charge, for example, tk - Tokelau. Other free domains can be found here. As a rule, domains from such zones are actively used for doorways and link spam.

What is better, secondhand domain or new?

I used to be a supporter of buying new domains without history. I registered a new domain, developed it and promoted it. But such a scheme did not always give the desired result. I did a lot of experiments, and I ended up coming up with a scheme that works great for me.

Now, when I launch a new project in any subject, instead of one site I launch 10. 5 domains buy new, and 5 domains I take with history, which in the past were sites.Then on each of the 10 sites I place 3-5 pages. If the sites are informational, then I place unique articles. If commercial, then I place pages with services or goods (without the "Buy"button). The task is to identify the subject of sites and show search engines that these are normal sites that have just started.

After that, I give the sites to infuse and do nothing. After 2-3 months I choose the site that showed the best results in terms of attendance in search engines. I make this site the main and focus all efforts on its development and promotion.There is a moment when the site can either like the search engines, or not like. And the sites can be similar in one subject. It is impossible to say in advance whether the site will" shoot " or not.

It is better not to use hyphen and numbers in the domain name

There are many opposing views on this issue. I am in favor of not using hyphens and numbers in the domain.

I prefer domains without hyphens, in which words are written together. In most cases, the numbers in the domain do not make sense to use.

Keywords in the domain name should be used moderately

Until 2012, it was desirable for the domain name to contain the main promoted search query. This gave an advantage in its promotion.

For example, by registering a domain as, it was much easier and faster to promote it to the top on this request and successfully earn on food for puppies poodles. What many site owners actively used.

Google engineers took into account that many webmasters register domains in the form of keywords and even whole phrases with keywords, and corrected the algorithm.

In September 2012, Google has a filter EMD Update (Exact Match Domain-the Exact occurrence of the query in the domain), which began to punish sites in the domain name which uses search queries.

Of course, if you register a domain to use it key queries, it does not mean that it will automatically fall under the filter. You can find many examples of such sites that are successfully promoted and get a good number of visitors. But an overabundance of keywords in the title increases the chance of getting under the filter.

My opinion is to use search queries in the domain name should be moderate. For example, instead of I would come up with or They have no surplus key words, the name doesn't look samnam and besides the title does not limit the subject only diet for puppies poodles. You can write about haircuts, health, clothing and training.

Another point that must be taken into account. If there is a keyword in the domain name, it is not necessary to use it in the addresses of the site pages.

For example, if the word "poodle" is already in the domain name, the page with a selection of haircuts poodles should not contain this word. From experience, I can say that this can cause a negative reaction from the search engines, as the Exact Match Domain algorithm can work, which just reveals such abuses. I'd make the address of the haircut page look like this.:

And this option I would not use, because the keyword will be repeated:

Abstract domain names work well

By abstract, I mean names that don't mean anything, are short and easy to remember. I use to search for ideas for an abstract domain name generators nicknames. Get short and memorable names.

You can find such services by request in Google:

nick generator

nick generator online

It is important that the domain name was read normally, you have options view xdkyll, kylatd, lxkddy will not work.

Abstract domain names are universal and suitable for any subject. Once you have decided on the name of the domain, register it immediately. Do not delay for later, the domain name can be intercepted.

Which domain Registrar is better to use

To register a domain, you can use any Registrar

Previously, I used the service ahhh! They had attractive prices and they actively practiced discount coupons. With the years this service has ceased I like, as the price of renewal of domains increased. Plus to reach out to technical support - it's a quest. So I moved all my domains from this service to they cost more profitable.

Other domain registrars you can find such a request in Google

register domain

You can read reviews of domain registrars. To do this, type the following query in Google:

best domain registrar

The domain must be registered on your real data

Using fictitious contact information when registering is to create unnecessary problems that may well arise. I believe that you need to register a domain name only on your real data.

I have seen many cases where in the case of verification friends were unable to provide data and eventually lost domains in which a lot of effort and money was invested. The reason was that they initially registered domains not on their data.

When you offer a free domain, it is better not to take

You can find offers when you offer a domain for free, for example, when buying a hosting.

Free cheese only in a mousetrap. I used to use such proposals, but after faced with problems, for example, when transferring a domain, I do not take free domains anymore. The domain should be taken separately and registered with the official Registrar. Web hosting also need to take separately.

Hosting, which offer a domain, it is better not to use

Many domain registrars offer their hosting during the registration process. The prices can be very attractive.

My opinion-domain and hosting is better to take in different companies, as hosting services domain registrars may be inferior in quality and reliability of the service of specialized hosters.

Use your primary mailbox to register your domain

To register a domain name, I advise you to use your e-mail, which you constantly use. It is very desirable to tie him to your primary phone and a backup, for example, the wife's phone.

I'm a fan of mail In my opinion, this is the most advanced postal service in the world.

To increase mailbox security, you need to do a two-step authorization. Link on the topic:

It is desirable to close whois information

I prefer to hide my contact details when registering domains.

When whois information is closed, the domain information will be replaced by the first and last name "Private person".

I believe that search engines are well aware of the contact details of the owner of any site, as they certainly have access to whois information domain registrars.

That is, hiding data is not necessary to hide this information from search engines, but in order to reduce the likelihood of getting your contact information in the database of spammers and any detractors.

It's important to set up annual domain renewal reminders

If time does not renew the domain, it can be lost. This is unacceptable. There are a lot of people who want to intercept the domain. No one needs such problems, so you should definitely use reminders.

There are a lot of tools for reminders. I use Google Calendar. On the smartphone, I display the Google Calendar widget on the home screen. Set up the notifications about the renewal of the domain came up for a week or two before the due date.

Also long ago made a rule: the first day of each month to check whether you need to renew any domains. If the domain can already be extended, be sure to do it in advance.

The balance may have the required amount and the domain may have auto-renew enabled, but I always prefer to make sure manually that the domain is renewed in advance.

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