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Website development

Creation of sites starts with a definition of the concept. Decide to start and answer the following questions: Why create a website? Who is the consumer of your content (site content)? The system of monetization (earning) for Your...
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How to choose the right name for your website?

In this note, we will identify a few things that you need to pay attention to when choosing a domain. Sometimes when choosing a domain, we make implicit errors, which are then long and difficult to fix. And it would be better not to do them at the very start of your project...
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How to upload an image with changing weight and size in PHP?

Most likely, you have already faced the need to not just limit the user in the size of images uploaded to your site. That's right, you can copy the image that the user loads, reduce it, or adjust it to the desired size. Or can you cut out a square image, as they do in social...
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Useful PHP functions for working with MySQL

The article offers a few simple functions of the PHP language to interact with the MySQL database, which can greatly facilitate the daily work of programmers. Working with MySQL using PHP built-in functions (such as mysql_query(), mysql_fetch_assoc (), etc.) is not...
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How to make your website successful

We are all accustomed to the fact that from certain sources to our sites are visitors. These sources of traffic can be search engines, social networks, thematic forums, communities and blogs, blog platforms, specialized search engines, as well as regular readers...