How to make your website successful

We are all accustomed to the fact that from certain sources to our sites are visitors. These sources of traffic can be search engines, social networks, thematic forums, communities and blogs, blog platforms, specialized search engines, as well as regular readers of the site.

How to make your website successful

A lot of businesses are built on this. On the Internet is now betting more or less progressive businessmen. As bill gates used to say, “he who has no business on the Internet will soon have no business at all.”

In recent years, there is the following-search engines are increasingly tightening the rules. If they are replaced by social networks or other resources as the main source of traffic, they will do the same. This has an explanation — the amount of information on the Internet is becoming more and more, and without its ordering, cleaning and filtering to find what users are looking for, it will be very difficult.

If earlier it was enough to apply 1-2 methods of promotion to get the site in the top, now you need to use the widest possible set of methods.

I have identified four main ways to help your website get the desired targeted traffic for years to come.

No need to depend on anyone in terms of traffic

I sincerely advise you not to bet only on attracting visitors from only one source, be it search engines, social networks, blogs, forums, communities, etc.

This approach will make your website and business dependent on the traffic source. The more options you have for getting targeted visitors, the better.

How to apply it in practice? Let’s say you have a website (personal blog, forum, corporate website — it is suitable for any type of resources) and visitors come to it from search engines. To expand the sources of traffic, I advise you to create accounts in social services Twitter, Facebook. In addition, I advise you to add social buttons so that visitors can share their favorite materials of your resource in their social networks.

Naturally, for the maximum effect in terms of attracting visitors to your site from social networks, you need not only to broadcast announcements of new materials, but also to be active. This is a very broad topic. I am now testing the recently appeared Smiar service for promotion in social networks and evaluate the effect. If there is a good effect — I’ll write about it in the blog.

In addition, many topics have developed communities and forums with great potential for attendance, which can and should be used to attract visitors to your site.

To search for such resources, type one of the most important search queries for your site in the search engine and add the word “forum” or "community"at the end.

All this is done for a reason. This allows you to disperse your visitors to the resources where they communicate most, as well as actively form the core of your regular visitors. For example, in the case of social networks, they will be able to see updates to your site and go to it again and again.

Thus, your site will gradually expand the list of traffic sources, which will allow it not to depend on any one direction of receiving visitors. You should always have a backup.

It is necessary to diversify the ways of monetization of the site

Profit from the site is one of the best motivators for its further development. The more options for making a profit from your site-the better.

As with traffic, I recommend not betting on any one (or even several) ways to monetize your site. Everything can stop at any time.

Fortunately, now the ways to make a profit from your site is becoming more and more. Banners, advertising posts, posts, contextual advertising, affiliate programs, placement of paid articles and links, teasers, advertising in videos and podcasts, sponsorship of sections on forums, advertising lines — all directions can not be listed.

Of course, the methods of earnings on the site depend on the subject. The best way to determine which methods of earning are effective for your website is to find popular resources in your area and learn what methods of monetization they use.

Use the maximum of all possible methods of earnings for your site, it will avoid unpleasant situations when any method stops working.

Bring the quality of content to a new level

What I’m sure completely is that in the near future sites with non-unique content will have less and less chance not only to get to the top, but also to be indexed. Everything goes to the point that the uniqueness of the texts will be given importance.


Constantly something to study-a wonderful habit in all respects, including in financial terms. It is known that often due to lack of knowledge in a particular area the user has to pay more than you need.

I am sure that for the successful development of your site you need to constantly learn something new and not stand still. Competition is constantly growing, and those who do not move forward, quickly overtake competitors.

Knowledge allows you to move in the right direction. Do not spare money and time for your self-education, this is one of the best investments, in my opinion.

Self-education will allow you to learn new things that are important for your website and business. In the end, under any circumstances, you will be in more advantageous conditions. Knowledge will help you navigate the necessary areas in order to successfully develop the site and increase its target attendance from a variety of sources.